Sponsoring My Cupcakes for Lioele's Beauty Class

I was sponsoring my online cupcakes shop for LIOELE's Beauty Class on last May 2013. It was my first time sponsoring an event :) Although it's Korean beauty class so I was thrilled about it, hehe..
In the beginning when I was started this business,  my cupcakes named was Royal Princess and now we're changed the name because of personal reason, and now named 'NINE AND DIVINE" Cakes. You can follow my online Cupcakes shop Instagram @NINEANDDIVINECAKES or Twitter @NINEANDDIVINEID.

The Beauty class was fun and they teaches us how to look a like Korean style and you know, I really like Korean style, I tried so many Lioele's products one by one and I quite love it. so I really enjoyed the class.
see ya next post!

The petite girl beside me is Evi, she's makeup artist from LIOELE and my besties too, you can check her lovely makeup work on her blog ---> www.veemakeupartist.com 

Today's post will be have 2 posts..
Hmm...couple months ago I was contacted by LIOELE to join their makeup Testimonial and my testimonial will popped on their banner and also displayed in every Lioele's store in Jakarta, I was so excited! Just take a look!

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  1. it's a cute cupcake

    visit mine whenever you had a chance :D

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    Miss Aa