The story of Lioele and Me


Now my testimonial banner on Lioele pops at every Lioele shop in Indonesia !
Thank you very much Lioele
정말 감사합니다.

So, Kpop is my thing! When everything about Kpop, I always curious to know, explore  and of course loving it, and talked about makeup, I'm a huge fan of Korean makeup look, that's why I love using Korean cosmetics and not only that, believe it or not my skin only suitable with korean products, proud to be asian girl :)

Lioele is highly popular brand in Korea, and continue to spread wings to Indonesia to enlarge their business.

The owner of Lioele's Indonesia is Mrs. Olivia Joso, why she bring Lioele to Indonesia? it's simply because she was really amazed with korean girl flawless skin and she got willingness to make indonesian girl skin look flawless like korean skin. In order to fulfill her desire, she went to Korea. Before she brought Lioele to Indonesia, she was offered by all Korean beauty products and she tried one by one to see the results. after that, she was made decision and she choose Lioele.

*Big thanks to Lioele and Evi (Lioele Makeup artist)

 ( I'm quoted from Lioele official facebook )

Lioele Cosmetic believes that a woman's radiant beauty is our No.1 Priority. Lioele casts a magic spell, giving all women the chance to become the gorgeous heroine of their own story. 

What Lioele seeks for is to guide every woman to become the heroine of their own special stories.

Achievements :

1. Approved as No.1 seller among online cosmetic shopping mall bt Rankey.com
2. Superior product quality with customers great satisfaction 21 leading company by Pusan Municipal Governor 
3. ISO9001- Registered on November 22th 2007, stable and secure quality system based on international standard.

Mission :

Beauty Remedy : Lioele casts a magic spell on our products with beneficial ingredients for your skin. 

Pinklicious : Lioele Identifies with girls never-ending pursuit for the special color, PInk. Be pinlkicious with Lioele! 

Dollish Look :  We always give you a dollish beauty with radiant look. 

Brand Symbol :

Lioele symbol is from the special pumpkin carriage in the fairy tale, Cinderella, that brought a pity little girl to the luxurious ball at the palace. 

These are my little beauty secrets from Lioele, I use all of them for my daily routine:

- Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping pack
- Lioele Rich Pore Balm
- Lioele BB cream
- Lioele Active Therapy Ampule
- Lioele C.A.D Cell 
- Lioele Petite Bon Bon Lip Balm
- Lioele A.C Control Scar Zero Cream
- Lioele Lipstick
- Lioele Skin Fix Powder Pact
- Lioele Lip Magic Treatment

Meet the model 

The model of Lioele brand is TIA from Chocolat (Korean Girlband), representative said that Lioele chose her because of her unique looks, doll-like and exotic. 

Yes.. Tia is soooo pretty! Hopefully I can meet her someday in Korea, hehe.. ^^

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm is the 'must have item', it's like magic...this product can make your face flawless and not oily in a flash! Thank God I found this. you can get natural and fresh look, it's simple..you just put secret pore balm before using your BB cream. 
The texture is really wise, velvety primer, covering enlarged pores
covers my pore perfectly and long lasting primer.

So, why you have to think twice?  just try and buy all the beauty products from Lioele, because Lioele is the answer for your skin problems! I know there's a lot Korean beauty products, but only a few korean beauty products that I trusted, one of them is LIOELE. 

You can find Lioele stores at :

-Pondok Indah Mall 1 unit 101 A
-Ciputra Mall LG unit island A
-Mall Artha Gading unit GF A7/215
-Summarecon Mall serpong 1 unit 1F-1C 05
-Semarang, Area Rhema Book store, Holy stadium
-Otto Koffie semarang
-The Grand Palace, Grand City Mall Surabaya

Look at this cute Lioele makeup box, I WANT IT SO BAD! ^.^

Thank you for reading Readers..

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