Classic and Classy

 I'm a classic style fan, so in this post I wore lovely wool jacket. Looking classy and chic at the same time, the mixing of pink color, black and white and also it looked like a Chanel tweed fabric. For the inner, I wore very soft lace top with beautiful beads on it.  You know, Classic style always have a place in my heart.
How could you manage the time to not flying too fast? 
Many times I asked God to make the time stop for awhile and let me fix the wrong things. 
Well, my days are good but always surrounded by job tasks and deadline. gosh! 
see ya! 

Details: Wool jacket- Mango
Skirt - New look
Shoes - New look

My style inspired by :

On this post, I was inspired by Tiffany's look, love her style as always!
 The jacket and black long socks are really stunning.. 

Xoxo, Jammie 

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