There's something about Lace

When everything seems absurd, please don't feel useless or anything makes you sad, I know life's get so hard these days, so just do the creative things to make you happy. example, cooking, knitting or writing a blog like I do, hehe.. this is life, C'mon! we have to grateful of what we achieved. Grateful because we are alive. anything can change in a flash, but one thing can't change in my life is God's love and favors. He teaches me how to see the life in His way not in my way.

On my post maybe you rarely see me wearing lace, this time I tried it to combine my look with Lace and A-line's black skirt, my top lace is beautiful, it is simply because the fabric so soft and pretty.

I have a story behind my photoshoot for this blogpost, all of the photos was taken by my little sister who always patiently being my photographer, we took this photo before we're going to church, So I have to choose the outfit and makeup in a rush and everything's we do in quick time, it was funny moment if you can see me frustrated when choosing outfit like I'm a designer in the backstage of fashion show, hahaha.. ! hope you like my blogpost this time, readers.

Inspired by Jessica from Girls' Generation 

Details: tops and skirts by New Look, Chanel Bag


Culture Chanel

“Culture Chanel” At Guangzhou Opera House.


The exhibition will also feature more than 400, ranging from retro Chanel pieces like clothing, jewelry, from January 16 to March 3, 2013 in Guangzhou, China, the Guangzhou Opera House will be open.

Chanel is one of many luxury brands to spend the last several years aligning themselves with China’s art scene, hosting numerous exhibitions and partnering with Chinese artists and museums.

Zhou Xun 

Shu Pei  秦舒培


Bunny Sweater

When I was in the office, my little sister Kakao Talked me, and she said my sweater also worn by KPop artist named GYURI from girlband KARA. at first I don't believe it until I'm googling it and she's right, lot's of Kpop artist wearing this cute Bunny Sweater same like me. Yay!

Detail: Parody 9 (Boa Bunny crewneck)


First Look in 2013


My first look, first blog post in 2013.

My outfit inspired by: 

Yoona and Yuri  Girls' Generation

Details: Chanel Black Padded Jacket / Metallic Gold Skirt


Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year 2013

  Wishing you happiness and prosperity in the coming year,Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year

*All photos taken from iPhone 5