I'm Graduated!

Finally I'm graduated from Binus University. I took Chinese language faculty as my major. My hard work was PAID OFF. Thank you very much my Lord and my savior Jesus Christ.

Note: Photos from my Graduation day I will upload soon, As soon as I have spare time, hehe..because I'm too busy right now :)


#FoodTraveler I'm the Bubble Tea Addict

Readers, If you are the bubble tea drinker like me, you have to come and try FIND MOLLY AUTHENTIC PREMIUM TEA, and it is located at FX Mall 5th floor, and you guys also visit their awesome website here :  http://www.find-molly.com/#findmolly

I really enjoyed it, I am sure to come again! 


Sequins Sweater: Forever21/ Clutch: Chanel


Sky Fall

Welcome to S K Y  F A L L, readers! 

I always falling in love with James Bond movies, I adore the Mr.Bond Character, story line, and I love everything about James Bond. It's Brilliant. My looks for this Blog post was influenced by Mr.Bond  style, my descriptions according to my looks are bold, strong, smart and sexy at the same time. I tried to pour it off to my style. I'm dreaming to be James Bond's girl, haha... *that's my ridiculous dream* 
Thanks for reading :)

Details:  Coat: Gucci / Bag: Chanel