The Peony Paradise (May & June)

Invitation and May & June Notes 

 with Mrs. Amy Wirabudi

The Peony Paradise is the theme of May & June Spring/Summer Collection.
From what I saw in May &  June Private Fashion Show,
I saw lots of feminine cutting, Peony flowers, bright and girly colors and combined with classy style that comes in romantic way.
This time, May & June collaborated with talented designer Barli Asmara. Barli took the inspiration from 50's fashion, lady-like.

Note: I'm so sorry for the very late posting to this May & June S/S collection, because since I'm too busy with my daily office work and I have no time to update my blog, so sad but I promise I will (hopefully) update my blog again every 1 one week, hehe.. :)

Catch ya later!


I Met Fabulous People

Here's a few of my instagram collections:

Me with Barli Asmara 

I adore him so much, I think he is one of the most talented fashion designer in Indonesia and also a humble person, 
 I really love his design, always come up with elegant touch. 

Me with Editor in Chief of In Style Magazine Indonesia Mrs. Amy Wirabudi , So this was my second time to met her, she's totally inspired me.

And this is me with Indonesian Top Model Tracy Trinita, I met her after she preached in church.  she's so lovely and down to earth person, I really respect her, because now she's an evangelist and left her glamorous model's life, What more can I say? I'm so PROUD of her.

Note: Thank you Jesus! I'm so blessed and felt so honored got a chance to met Fabulous people in my life.  Pssst... Playing with instagram is a fun way to express everything! haha... see you on my next post. Xie Xie Da jia!


SMtown in Jakarta, Baby!


Gosh, it is like a dream comes true, I'm sooo freakin excited to come to this big concert, if you ask me "Did you buy the tickets?..." My Answer is YES! Absolutely, I already bought the VIP's tickets, me and my lil' sister will watch the concert. Wooohhhooo...

At first, I'm not expect that the Smtown's world tour will held in Jakarta, Maybe because Indonesia is so famous in Korea, specially Bali. I heard so many Korean celebrity's was celebrate their wedding's party in Bali and Indonesia showed great interest and their love to Kpop, so I think because of that Mr. Lee Soo Man finally made his decision to held this concert in our lovely country Indonesia. PROUD.

My Super Junior SS4 Cushion 

Can't describe how happy I am. one concert with more than one top korean artists is really Fantastic. I can see Super Junior, BOA, TVXQ, f(x), Girls Generation, Kangta, EXO, Shinee, etc together in one stage live in front of me. Wooowwww!
I don't know what will be happen on Sept 22nd in GBK (Gelora Bung Karno  Stadium),
I can imagine from now a million girls screaming out loud, the light sticks every where, screaming idol's name together, haha. Hopefully I can taking picture with Donghae and Siwon.
Psstt.. I hope I can meet Prince Manager too. he is Super Junior's manager. :)