Are you Happy?

Happy as I can be. in my definition a word of 'Happy' is something you need to make it work on it. happy will not come easily, it is depends on how you see your life. happy isn't just by your sight but this also comes from your heart too. There is no benchmark to measure the definition of a happy people.  Do you think that Money can buy you a happiness? Money can buy everything you want? Hell NO.
I know every people needs money, but not every little thing we can have it with money. Maybe you think that my thought is simply cliche, let me tell you this is originally from my heart.

I know, in our daily life we are not always in happy condition, sometimes we pass through the sadness, angry, back stabbing, someone cheating on us, and blah.. blah..blah

First, Our heart is not like a machine that we easily can set up to a 'happy mood', we're not robot. we have heart. In this post I just want to share with you my lovely readers. 

If you want to be happy everyday , the first thing you have to do is Pray. pray everything you want to say to God. talk to God is my only way to relief my stress.

Second, just throw away the negative thinking in your mind. it helps you gain so much happiness in life, this is a small thing with the big impact.

Third, this is important, we need to make our heart like a Stone and an Armor, strong. don't let only just a word brings you down, you have to make your heart strong enough to facing this world. don't think too much about what people say to you, and  don't be to feels like you gonna 'fly away' if someone give you nice comments about you.

in the Bad and good situation just keep your head held high, smile and spread the goodness. Happy is yours.

God bless you readers.

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