I just wanna Play with you forever

By the time goes by, I even don't notice that we are all grown up. 
seems like I almost forgot that I'm a big girl now. sometimes I still act and talk like a kid in front of my sister. I felt always comfort to tell her everything, almost there's no secret between us. we're just like twins.

This is what sisters do in our spare time. Me and my little sister is really close. when while I'm writing about this posting, I remembered the sisterhood life from Jessica SNSD (Girls' Generation) and her sister Krystal f(X), I saw their close connection when I was watched SMTOWN World Tour 3 in Jakarta. We both same, we really love our sisters. If I tell you the truth is I can't live without my sister. we laugh, play, shopping, sleep, and everything we do it together.

This is me when I was a kid ! cute,huh? ^^


Polkadots Dress: H&M /  Shoes: Coach / Bag: Chanel / Sunglasses : Chanel / Thongs: Konnichiwa

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  1. You both look fantastic! What gorgeous outfits!