The Peony Paradise (May & June)

Invitation and May & June Notes 

 with Mrs. Amy Wirabudi

The Peony Paradise is the theme of May & June Spring/Summer Collection.
From what I saw in May &  June Private Fashion Show,
I saw lots of feminine cutting, Peony flowers, bright and girly colors and combined with classy style that comes in romantic way.
This time, May & June collaborated with talented designer Barli Asmara. Barli took the inspiration from 50's fashion, lady-like.

Note: I'm so sorry for the very late posting to this May & June S/S collection, because since I'm too busy with my daily office work and I have no time to update my blog, so sad but I promise I will (hopefully) update my blog again every 1 one week, hehe.. :)

Catch ya later!


  1. your style is so sweet and cute:)

    check mine

    1. @regina : Thank you! I will visit you blog too dear :)