I Met Fabulous People

Here's a few of my instagram collections:

Me with Barli Asmara 

I adore him so much, I think he is one of the most talented fashion designer in Indonesia and also a humble person, 
 I really love his design, always come up with elegant touch. 

Me with Editor in Chief of In Style Magazine Indonesia Mrs. Amy Wirabudi , So this was my second time to met her, she's totally inspired me.

And this is me with Indonesian Top Model Tracy Trinita, I met her after she preached in church.  she's so lovely and down to earth person, I really respect her, because now she's an evangelist and left her glamorous model's life, What more can I say? I'm so PROUD of her.

Note: Thank you Jesus! I'm so blessed and felt so honored got a chance to met Fabulous people in my life.  Pssst... Playing with instagram is a fun way to express everything! haha... see you on my next post. Xie Xie Da jia!

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