Trip to Batam

Like you can see on my instagram pictures above, I was in Balerang Bridge of Batam a couple months ago. it was my short trip to Batam for the very first time, even though Batam is quite near from Singapore and it's weird because I often visited Singapore but I've never went to Batam before. HAHA..

This is a mission, I went to Batam for Church Service, so this is not real vacation. 

Batam is HOT...Totally  HOT, Duh..when I was taking a picture I almost fainted by the sun heat,  But I'm still falling in love with the view of Balerang Bridge, it was super nice view! I swear I want to come again soon with my BF '' D ''. 

就像你可以看到我得 Instagram 图片上面,我在几个月前 Balerang 的巴淡岛桥。这是我到巴淡岛之旅,这是第一次,即使巴淡岛从新加坡是相当接近的,这是奇怪的,因为我经常访问了新加坡,但我从来没有去到巴淡岛前。哈哈!
这是一种使命,我去到巴淡岛的教会服务,所以这不是真正的假期, 我希望我能尽快再来巴淡岛与我的男朋友。☺

 Details : Top:  Cotton On,  Jeans: Mango, Bag: Louis Vuitton.

♥ ♥ ♥ 


  1. Great photos! love your style here....

  2. @sepatuholic Thank you very much dear :)