Lipstick is a Girl's Thing

I always fell in love with CHANEL Lipsticks, how about you girls? Of course you like it too.
I collected Chanel lipsticks and make up,  I'm going crazy with them, Runway-inspired shades, the textures, it combines fabulously wearable, Chanel lipsticks are Beautiful.

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Trip to Batam

Like you can see on my instagram pictures above, I was in Balerang Bridge of Batam a couple months ago. it was my short trip to Batam for the very first time, even though Batam is quite near from Singapore and it's weird because I often visited Singapore but I've never went to Batam before. HAHA..

This is a mission, I went to Batam for Church Service, so this is not real vacation. 

Batam is HOT...Totally  HOT, Duh..when I was taking a picture I almost fainted by the sun heat,  But I'm still falling in love with the view of Balerang Bridge, it was super nice view! I swear I want to come again soon with my BF '' D ''. 

就像你可以看到我得 Instagram 图片上面,我在几个月前 Balerang 的巴淡岛桥。这是我到巴淡岛之旅,这是第一次,即使巴淡岛从新加坡是相当接近的,这是奇怪的,因为我经常访问了新加坡,但我从来没有去到巴淡岛前。哈哈!
这是一种使命,我去到巴淡岛的教会服务,所以这不是真正的假期, 我希望我能尽快再来巴淡岛与我的男朋友。☺

 Details : Top:  Cotton On,  Jeans: Mango, Bag: Louis Vuitton.

♥ ♥ ♥ 


Green Lime and K-Pop

I'm typically a monochrome person, I love dark colors and that's why I always love and adore Fall/Winter collections. but in a day, My mood changed..I wore Green Lime color Tops and pencil skirt with the mixing of blue strip on the below of my top and also I wore Blue velvet ankle shoes. After all this color makes me happy.

Details: Blouse - H & M , Pencil Skirt- MANGO, Bag- Chanel, Blue Velvet Shoes- Rococo , Watch- Aigner

Readers, do you love K-POP? Yes..it's Korean Pop. Me? Of course I'm a big fan of
Korean pop since years ago before the Hallyu Wave(K-Pop Fever) hits my country (Indonesia). Long before that, I love to watched Korean Drama too than  Sinetron (indonesian drama on national television). For me Korean Drama has a focus story line, dramatic and it's really melancholic drama and makes you wanna watch it over and over again, but still got the message of the drama,  even sometimes Korean drama also got funny story that makes me laughing hard, Hehehe..
K-POP...These days, K-POP is so happening not only in Asia but also in Europe,
 i love K-pop songs, from Super Junior, Girls Generation, Bigbang, 2NE1, Infinite, Beast, 4minute, T-ara, etc..Lot's of Kpop groups, they are so different and got unique style in their performance.
No matter what, i just love it. Even though I'm not really understand the meaning of Kpop songs, but I still like it, maybe I have to taking Korean language course,  hehehe..

So, are you K-POPers too? Lemme know :)

Kamsahamnida ^^

Xoxo, Jammie

Yoon Eun Hye ( My Favorite Korean Actress)

At last, me with Super Show 4 T-shirt  and it was proved that I'm a KPOPers, Hahaha.. yes, I'm proud of it!