May and June at Senayan City

from Left to right  : Rika Wirtjes (Designer of May & June), Me,  Ivana and Jessica Tarudji (assistant Designer of May & June)

 Me with Mr. Zakaria Hamzah ( Operation Director of May & June) and Ivana ( Brand Manager) 

Last week, I was invited to the opening of  May & June Boutique. This new fashion line is the other project of ALLEIRA Boutique, which is one of the famous Batik Boutique in Jakarta.

May & June boutique has come up with the new style of clothing line but not using Batik material, but it has new signature style for the demanding fashionable city woman.
May & June boutique offers an elegant, high class and dynamic style line but still comfortable for daily wear.
When I came to the opening new boutique in Senayan City Mall, it feels clean and lovely place as well as giving chic atmosphere. 

I also love the interior design of the boutique.
They are many beautiful dress you can find here, I have the impression of  May & June collection is simple and yet fashionable.
I also checked the quality of the fabric and the cutting of their dress is very good and with surprisingly reasonable price.
I quote from May & June boutique website that it depicts the Peony flower symbol, a symbol of joyful spring, this fashion retail label represents how women can be pretty at every single occasion, to be always growing up-to-date-the-minute passionately.
It’s true that May & June boutique collection is chic and feminine and I really love it.

I was lucky to meet the designers of May & June boutique, who are definitely talented young women.
They’re names are Miss. Rika Wirtjes and Miss Jessica Tarudji. and I also met and had a nice conversation with the Operation Fashion Director of May & June boutique who is Mr. Zakaria Hamzah. and not only that, to my surprise I was asked by him to do a catwalk for May & June boutique fashion show which will be held next April in the event with the theme of Fashion Nation Fashion Show. Wow, the offer was sounded quite cool.

By the way, May & June boutique is located in Senayan City Level. 2. So, why don’t you come and shop and you will get 20% discount of all items. I believe you will satisfied with their collections.

I hope you like my post this time and see you on my next post.
To see the other collection of May & June, just go the website www.mayandjune.co.id

Special thanks to Ivana, the sweet girl who invited me to this event.
Merci Beaucoup.


  1. Gorgeous clothes! Thanks for stopping at our blog!! Kisses!


  2. Amazing clothes, and you wore a perfect outfit!
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