The Black one shoulder

( My lil sister sweet 17th Bday, the Bday girl )

I totally agree with the statement of  " In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips", Yay!  On July 7th my little sister was celebrated a sweet 17th Birthday. 

 Me and my sister is like a twins, even though we're not! there is a gap of seven years between our age and we are can't be apart. I felt empty without her. She's the sweetest little sister I've ever had.

The benefits of  having a sister is we can shop together, exchange clothes, dresses, shoes together, because we got the same size.

Who's says that Best friend is a forever friend ?? Huhh..I don't think so!! For me, the TRUE Friend is just a Sisters. no one else.  A friend maybe can Betray you, but a sister will NOT. 

A sister is a forever friend.  I love to shared everything with her. More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you've been bad and good.  Once again, I love you my dearest little sister, let me introduce to you, and her name is.... Clary.

XOXO, Jammie

Details : The black one shoulder by Gucci. 


Fashion and Cooking

Here it is my cooking Projects :

( The Oatmeal chocolate Cookies  )

Holla, Readers! 

I do love FASHION world but there is another thing that I love the most is Cooking and  I've got to share with you.  Since I was  a kid I love baking, such as making cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, etc. Since I was 10 years old  I started to cooking  by myself,  I think it's naturally and it's a Gift from God.
I don't know, every time I'm making cakes, there is a satisfaction feeling than just buying a cakes from a shop cake. My Mom, Dad, grandmother and also my friends really likes my cakes, Oh...for me is like an Achievement when they eat and enjoying my cakes. 
I felt so grateful to make them Happy with my cakes!
I wish I can give you one by one to try my cakes, hehe..
One thing for sure, Fashion and Cooking is can't be apart 
 of me, because I love them both. 
 Have a pleasant day everyone:)

Xoxo, Jammie


Maxi Green Outfits

Details : Chanel Bag, Guiseppe Zanotti Wedges, The American Woman Skirt, Rinascimento Italy tops.

I don't care what people say, I just do my own thing. People can have their opinion, but I know, I stand in the right pathway. The true pathway is only living in Jesus.

Xoxo, Jammie 


I have a Dream

I'm Struggling, I am Striving, I am working hard, but it is with GOD'S Energy, not my own. It is because I am running the race with Him and for Him. Thank you Jesus.

As you know I'm a Huge fan of Megan Fox, but now I like Rosie Huntington too, Officially she's my new muse.. and Oh God Gracious! LOOKS MAGAZINE 
( My Favorite Magazine all the time in Indonesia)  also put her on the cover of LOOKS MAGAZINE July Edition. Must Buy ! Megan Fox and Rosie...I love you both!  Check this out!

 Watch : Chanel J12 White, Max Mara Creme Dress, Snakeskin Clutch.