Lovely Sunday 可爱的周日。

As a title above, Lovely Sunday...me and my family had the best Sunday brunch together at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing room, you know that this place has many theme of their restaurant. such as Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom, Living Room, Terrace, Sewing room, Library etc. every time I stepped into this place I felt happy and warm touched. this is one of cozy cool place to hangout. I really love Nanny's pavillon! and to mention about their Pancakes and Waffles, I almost tried everything in the menu's and the result is very delicious. I've tried Buckwheat Pancake because is healthy than the ordinary pancake. Me and my family really had a "Family Time". AH, I can't describe how happy I am when after going to Church and we go to the restaurant, talked about everything happen in the past 5 days and shared the Word of God, and shared many things, Laughing, taking pictures. That just the best feeling when you surrounded with your loved ones, that is Family.
The more you closer with your family the more you know how blessed you are.
so, let's move on...My dress on this post is quite girly. I think. :) I wore the peach-pink chiffon dress, black stocking, velvet wedges, big pink earrings, and Celine snake skin bags. 

Xoxo, JL

 我和我的家人真的有一个“家庭时间”。啊,我无法用语言形容多么的幸福我去教堂后, 我们去餐厅的时候,谈到一切都发生在过去的5天里,分享神的话语,并分享了很多东西,谈笑风生,拍照。

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  1. Gorgeous outfit, you are so stylish! There's a new outfit post up on my blog and I'd really love to hear what you think of it. Feel free to stop by!
    xoxo, Veena