Fashion & Cooking Project Part 2 /时尚和烹饪的项目-第二部分

Here again, I made Oatmeal Cookies with raisin and fruits for the toppings. yeah..Actually I made these oatmeal cookies is not just only because I really love oatmeal, but..because my father is suffering diabetic problems and he's a big fan of Sweet meals, and this not good if he always consuming the original cookies. 
So, I have a Huge Idea to made the Oatmeal Cookies only for my Lovely father, therefore he can consume my cookies like a bunch. 
No need to worry to eat my Oatmeal cookies a lot because it's low calories with 0 % sugar, I only used sugar for diabetic. 
These are my another cooking projects, trust me it Easy to make and also super Healthy snacks. but sadly..you can't taste it guys, I'm sending you my virtual cookies from here,LOL :)

Catch me later!

Xoxo, JL

Details :

Drapery gray blouse  : Hampshire London
Leopard skirt        : Etro
Bag                  : Chanel


White, Jeans and Chevron Bags

Hey, readers! 
I love sharing my personal style with you. Yes, I know white color is the best color because it's so easy to blend with another fashion items,like Jeans for example. When the heat is looks fresher than whiter shades of pale. So,you can never go wrong with white.

So, let's talk about KOREA. Right now Korea is the most talked about country in Asia and even in Europe. in my sight, Korea is the next Japan for fashion destination, Sooner or later...I think everyone would looked up to Korean fashion. Maybe I hit by Korean Fever,haha! I like to hear Korean music and watching Korean drama. I'm so amazed with Korean girls flawless skin, they're so gorgeous. Sometimes I'm inspired by them. Hehee..don't forget with the Korean foods too,Shout out for Kimchi and Bulgogi, that's awesome! 
I can say a little in Korean language...
안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo.it means Hello!

Thanks for reading lovely people.


Details :

Chanel Chevron Bag- TLTSN Wedges- H&M Short Jeans- Eclipse White Tops