The Silver Maxi Skirt

J'adore Olivia Palermo!

Maxi....four letters that can make the Outstanding looks. I'm talking about Maxi skirt that is  really happening in fashion world right now. Maxi skirt can make you more Slim and tall and ladylike.

My blue sheer tops is soooo vintage, which is my Mom's tops (agaaiiiin!) yeah..she wore it when she was teenager, Ah! I'm so lucky to have you, Mom! And the silver maxi skirts, I bought it 2 years ago. 

The strappy studded wedges is my own design, I love shoes, you can call me shoes maniac.
So do you like my wedges? I really hope you like my whole outfits.
God Richly blessed you, Readers!

Xoxo,  Jammie


  1. Thankyou so much for your comment, I'm following you, follow back?
    I love maxi skirts, I've just been trying to find the perfect one. And omg those shoes are your own design? I seriously want a pair! Love your style



  2. @Emily : your welcome, thank you soo much for stopping by to my blog dear..I will following you back..yes, those wedges shoes is my own design..thanks again for liking my design, It's mean a lot to me :)xoxo

  3. hey you really design your wedge shoes? I love it So outstanding.looks so comfy also

  4. @YONi's : hello dear! yesss...that shoes is my design,thank you for the sweet comment, xoxo:)

  5. Hi!!

    Just found your blog! You look great in the photo!!

    Like your silver skirt :)