Bold with the Clutch Bag

These are my Snakeskin Clutch bags collection :

 Here again,  One of my favorite things is collecting and wearing a  CLUTCH bag, Why?  because The Clutch bag for me is elegant and handy. The Clutch bag can represent you to be a bold girl and quite masculine. because a girl or woman who really likes to wearing a Clutch is a multitasking, Sprightly and agile girl.

Especially My snake skin clutch..Oooh, how much I love the snake skin ( I hate snake but just liking the skin) , all of fashion items with the  snake skin has always looks Expensive and also Glamor.   
I'm collecting the real Snake skin Clutch and the synthetic snake skin too.
So what's your favorite Clutch bags, readers?

 在这里,我最喜欢的事情之一是收集和穿着CLUTCH 器袋,为什么呢?
因为对我来说CLUTCH BAG 器袋典雅,携带方便。 clutch/ 离合器袋可以代表你是一个大胆的女孩,男性化。因为一个女孩或女人谁真正喜欢穿CLUTCH BAG 器是一个多任务明快和敏捷的女孩。
 所以,你最喜欢什么的Clutch bags袋,读者?

Xoxo , Jammie


  1. @Lexie V. : Hello..thank you for visited dear :)

  2. Love the clutches!! I never been a big fan of snake skin clutches but I really love your collection. They just look sleek and chic. I guess I've seen so many cheap and badly done ones before so you might have just changed my mind lol