Kate Middleton is my new MUSE

KATE MIDDLETON, who's anyone on earth doesn't know about her???
Let me tell you, she is now Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales. awwww...I'm so jealous:) she's married with Prince William, which is really the most talked about in the world about his Royal Wedding. ok, nuff said and back to the Kate.

Kate Middleton is my new muse, with her appearance, personal style, Attitude and also her brain( she's a smart woman) and I directly just fall in love with her and make her to my new role model. she deserve it to be the next dazzling icon for the ladies in the world.

And..because I adore her so much, I am now seduced by her style and pretend to be The Duchess, hehe.. even though I'm not from the London Royal Family but I'm The HEIRESS OF CHRIST, my Father God Jesus is the KING OF ALL KINGS. :) 
I am so Proud to say it.

Now, Look at my gorgeous lady flowers hats. the color is broken white with the lace on it. and I felt so much like The Duchess, hehehee...
Ps : recently I'm collecting the duchess hats. 

Don't you Love the hats?

with my ANNA SUI Mirror. 

Details :
Black tops : Mango
Pattern Skirt : Forever21
Tights : Topshop
Heels : L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani

( thanks for reading my blog and I hope you like my post)


  1. Hey girl, you know how to rock 'lady flower hats' and I think Kate is a great muse! Thank you for your lovely comment and thanks for following me. (following you back ;))

  2. You're so cute and pretty ! I agree Kate is great ! You have a lovely blog, if you also like mine and follow it then I will surely do the same ! Be in touch xoxox ciao from Italy


  3. @Vale : Thank you very much for the lovely comment dear, Yes..I will follow your blog, stay in touch!
    Xoxo :)

  4. @Yuliya : Hello..thank you for visited :)

  5. oh the headpiece is so lovely and you look adorable!!

    have just followed your blog dear

  6. @Fhenny : hey dear, thanks for the comment, and I'm glad that you followed me,YAY!! xoxo :)