Lovely Sunday 可爱的周日。

As a title above, Lovely Sunday...me and my family had the best Sunday brunch together at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing room, you know that this place has many theme of their restaurant. such as Nanny's Pavillon Bathroom, Living Room, Terrace, Sewing room, Library etc. every time I stepped into this place I felt happy and warm touched. this is one of cozy cool place to hangout. I really love Nanny's pavillon! and to mention about their Pancakes and Waffles, I almost tried everything in the menu's and the result is very delicious. I've tried Buckwheat Pancake because is healthy than the ordinary pancake. Me and my family really had a "Family Time". AH, I can't describe how happy I am when after going to Church and we go to the restaurant, talked about everything happen in the past 5 days and shared the Word of God, and shared many things, Laughing, taking pictures. That just the best feeling when you surrounded with your loved ones, that is Family.
The more you closer with your family the more you know how blessed you are.
so, let's move on...My dress on this post is quite girly. I think. :) I wore the peach-pink chiffon dress, black stocking, velvet wedges, big pink earrings, and Celine snake skin bags. 

Xoxo, JL

 我和我的家人真的有一个“家庭时间”。啊,我无法用语言形容多么的幸福我去教堂后, 我们去餐厅的时候,谈到一切都发生在过去的5天里,分享神的话语,并分享了很多东西,谈笑风生,拍照。


Fashion & Cooking Project Part 2 /时尚和烹饪的项目-第二部分

Here again, I made Oatmeal Cookies with raisin and fruits for the toppings. yeah..Actually I made these oatmeal cookies is not just only because I really love oatmeal, but..because my father is suffering diabetic problems and he's a big fan of Sweet meals, and this not good if he always consuming the original cookies. 
So, I have a Huge Idea to made the Oatmeal Cookies only for my Lovely father, therefore he can consume my cookies like a bunch. 
No need to worry to eat my Oatmeal cookies a lot because it's low calories with 0 % sugar, I only used sugar for diabetic. 
These are my another cooking projects, trust me it Easy to make and also super Healthy snacks. but sadly..you can't taste it guys, I'm sending you my virtual cookies from here,LOL :)

Catch me later!

Xoxo, JL

Details :

Drapery gray blouse  : Hampshire London
Leopard skirt        : Etro
Bag                  : Chanel


White, Jeans and Chevron Bags

Hey, readers! 
I love sharing my personal style with you. Yes, I know white color is the best color because it's so easy to blend with another fashion items,like Jeans for example. When the heat is looks fresher than whiter shades of pale. So,you can never go wrong with white.

So, let's talk about KOREA. Right now Korea is the most talked about country in Asia and even in Europe. in my sight, Korea is the next Japan for fashion destination, Sooner or later...I think everyone would looked up to Korean fashion. Maybe I hit by Korean Fever,haha! I like to hear Korean music and watching Korean drama. I'm so amazed with Korean girls flawless skin, they're so gorgeous. Sometimes I'm inspired by them. Hehee..don't forget with the Korean foods too,Shout out for Kimchi and Bulgogi, that's awesome! 
I can say a little in Korean language...
안녕하세요 Annyeonghaseyo.it means Hello!

Thanks for reading lovely people.


Details :

Chanel Chevron Bag- TLTSN Wedges- H&M Short Jeans- Eclipse White Tops


Red or Yellow

Hello everyone, 大家好! it's been awhile I'm not updating my blog and I can't tell you how much I really missed my blog, hehe.. How ya doin guys? Now I'm post about what I love to wear currently, I love red and Yellow, and it's so unusual style from me, I choose the bright colors like Red and Yellow because I'm little bit tired with my previous style that is Monochrome colors.

Red. I'm so carefully to pick the Red colors, I mean, it's a lot types of Red colors. I always choose the darker Red like Wine Red, or the Red one from CHANEL nail polish, I love that red Chanel nail polish colors! I don't like the bright Red, because too bright red is not suits for me.

 Red dress and black blazers is awesome outfits.

 The Yellow coats, for me this yellow coat is really caught my eyes.  J'adore!

**I made this pictures from Polyvore, it's so addictive to mix and matching the Fashion items on Polyvore. when playing the Polyvore I feel like I'm working in VOGUE magazine and pretend to be a professional Fashion Stylist, hehehe :)

See ya on my next post!



The Black one shoulder

( My lil sister sweet 17th Bday, the Bday girl )

I totally agree with the statement of  " In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips", Yay!  On July 7th my little sister was celebrated a sweet 17th Birthday. 

 Me and my sister is like a twins, even though we're not! there is a gap of seven years between our age and we are can't be apart. I felt empty without her. She's the sweetest little sister I've ever had.

The benefits of  having a sister is we can shop together, exchange clothes, dresses, shoes together, because we got the same size.

Who's says that Best friend is a forever friend ?? Huhh..I don't think so!! For me, the TRUE Friend is just a Sisters. no one else.  A friend maybe can Betray you, but a sister will NOT. 

A sister is a forever friend.  I love to shared everything with her. More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you've been bad and good.  Once again, I love you my dearest little sister, let me introduce to you, and her name is.... Clary.

XOXO, Jammie

Details : The black one shoulder by Gucci. 


Fashion and Cooking

Here it is my cooking Projects :

( The Oatmeal chocolate Cookies  )

Holla, Readers! 

I do love FASHION world but there is another thing that I love the most is Cooking and  I've got to share with you.  Since I was  a kid I love baking, such as making cakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, etc. Since I was 10 years old  I started to cooking  by myself,  I think it's naturally and it's a Gift from God.
I don't know, every time I'm making cakes, there is a satisfaction feeling than just buying a cakes from a shop cake. My Mom, Dad, grandmother and also my friends really likes my cakes, Oh...for me is like an Achievement when they eat and enjoying my cakes. 
I felt so grateful to make them Happy with my cakes!
I wish I can give you one by one to try my cakes, hehe..
One thing for sure, Fashion and Cooking is can't be apart 
 of me, because I love them both. 
 Have a pleasant day everyone:)

Xoxo, Jammie


Maxi Green Outfits

Details : Chanel Bag, Guiseppe Zanotti Wedges, The American Woman Skirt, Rinascimento Italy tops.

I don't care what people say, I just do my own thing. People can have their opinion, but I know, I stand in the right pathway. The true pathway is only living in Jesus.

Xoxo, Jammie 


I have a Dream

I'm Struggling, I am Striving, I am working hard, but it is with GOD'S Energy, not my own. It is because I am running the race with Him and for Him. Thank you Jesus.

As you know I'm a Huge fan of Megan Fox, but now I like Rosie Huntington too, Officially she's my new muse.. and Oh God Gracious! LOOKS MAGAZINE 
( My Favorite Magazine all the time in Indonesia)  also put her on the cover of LOOKS MAGAZINE July Edition. Must Buy ! Megan Fox and Rosie...I love you both!  Check this out!

 Watch : Chanel J12 White, Max Mara Creme Dress, Snakeskin Clutch.


Trip to Magnum Cafe

Magnum Waffles

 WITH MY GORGEOUS MOMMY, She's the True QUEEN,  me and my sister is her Princess, hehe..



I felt like at the Kingdom of Chocolate when I was came to the MAGNUM CAFE,  this is such a great moments, I'm like Death by Chocolate and I really want stay here at Magnum Cafe forever. 
 I Love the Royal Interior and stuff. 

"Forget love ... I'd rather fall in chocolate!" 
"Me and ice cream.  Best friends forever."

Magnum is sooo Creative I must say, I don't find any ice cream products who's really Famous and Phenomenal than Magnum. Magnum has always gave us surprise things. I believe there must be a very Creative and awesome people at the behind of successful Magnum all over the world.
Oh! well done Magnum.


enjoy my blog post, Readers ♥

Xoxo, Jammie


The Silver Maxi Skirt

J'adore Olivia Palermo!

Maxi....four letters that can make the Outstanding looks. I'm talking about Maxi skirt that is  really happening in fashion world right now. Maxi skirt can make you more Slim and tall and ladylike.

My blue sheer tops is soooo vintage, which is my Mom's tops (agaaiiiin!) yeah..she wore it when she was teenager, Ah! I'm so lucky to have you, Mom! And the silver maxi skirts, I bought it 2 years ago. 

The strappy studded wedges is my own design, I love shoes, you can call me shoes maniac.
So do you like my wedges? I really hope you like my whole outfits.
God Richly blessed you, Readers!

Xoxo,  Jammie


Bold with the Clutch Bag

These are my Snakeskin Clutch bags collection :

 Here again,  One of my favorite things is collecting and wearing a  CLUTCH bag, Why?  because The Clutch bag for me is elegant and handy. The Clutch bag can represent you to be a bold girl and quite masculine. because a girl or woman who really likes to wearing a Clutch is a multitasking, Sprightly and agile girl.

Especially My snake skin clutch..Oooh, how much I love the snake skin ( I hate snake but just liking the skin) , all of fashion items with the  snake skin has always looks Expensive and also Glamor.   
I'm collecting the real Snake skin Clutch and the synthetic snake skin too.
So what's your favorite Clutch bags, readers?

 在这里,我最喜欢的事情之一是收集和穿着CLUTCH 器袋,为什么呢?
因为对我来说CLUTCH BAG 器袋典雅,携带方便。 clutch/ 离合器袋可以代表你是一个大胆的女孩,男性化。因为一个女孩或女人谁真正喜欢穿CLUTCH BAG 器是一个多任务明快和敏捷的女孩。
 所以,你最喜欢什么的Clutch bags袋,读者?

Xoxo , Jammie