Tweed Dress meets Yellow

虽然没有人可以回到过去重新开始, 但每个人都能从现在开始去创造一个新的结局

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending :)


Feminine Black Tail Blouse from May & June Collection

I'm wearing MAY & JUNE Black tail blouse
H&M Divided Crochet skirt 
little gold bags from Chanel 

The key to looking more feminine is choosing blouse that fit your body type and personality. Love this tail blouse because it's simple yet elegant, look more feminine and it can also pair with shorts if you want.

hmm... what about the fabric quality? I'm really care and detail about it, the quality of this fabric is from very good cotton fabrics.
If you like this blouse, you can straight go to May & June Boutique at Senayan City Mall 2nd Floor or check their twitter timeline for a new collection and discount from @MayandJuneID

Thank you for reading :)


May & June Present "Portrait of a Lady" Jakarta Fashion Week 2014

May & June Present Portrait of a Lady

Actually we have two invitation to attend, there are Alleira Batik and May & June fashion show, but sadly we can't come to Alleira Batik fashion show because we're so late!  the day was so rainy and we were stuck in a traffic jam. But we attended May & June Fashion show on Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 at Senayan City.

Let's go to the show! 
50's styles and Grace Kelly's style is the muse for May & June. We can see flowers pattern, flowers hairpiece, beads, colorful floral dresses and everything so lady look-a-like, all wrapped up in this fashion show. From every May & June collection always gives a touch of flowers, I'm sure every girls would fall in love with this collection. 

I like this black long coat, elegant! 

Well, Thank you very much May & June for inviting us, we looking forward to another treat. Luv ya!


Korean National Contemporary Dance Company "Bul-ssang" with Korean Culture Center Jakarta

Dance! But this time is not about KPOP Dance y'all!  When we knew about this event, we felt so happy and really want to attend this event because we love to dance and of course this one is about Korean Contemporary dance. So on last sunday, we decided to come after we done our sunday service at church and directly straight to go there. 
This event is collaborate with Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy The Republic of Indonesia and Korean Culture Center Jakarta. 
As we know Indonesia has developed a good relationship with South Korea and this event is about to commemorate their 40th anniversary of diplomatic relation in 2013. 
I'm so happy with this relationship between my country and Korea, this was just same like my relationship with my Oppa's such as Kang Ji hwan, Lee Min ho, Siwon etc, Hahaha...Just kidding! :D

By the way, we came on time, and this is how the crowd looks like you can see below: 

Oh Look! When I saw this Korean standing flowers, at the moment I felt just like I came to Super Junior's comeback stage or concert in KBS, Hahahaha...I wish!  Maybe I will order this korean standing flowers for my wedding ceremony with Lee Min Ho, oh yes! hahaha.. *please don't mad at me, I'm just fan-girling y'all* 

I'm quite amazed with how neat the Jakarta's Theater, because I've never been there before since maybe 10 years ago, it changed a lot! Love it! 

Okay, now we bumped to the dance perfomance! like I tell you before, this is Korea contemporary dance company, so don't expect you can see the dancers who looked like Suho and Lay EXO dancing to Growl's here, Hahaha.. *Eureurong..Eureurong..Eureurong..*

The performance was choreographed by korean famous choreographer named Ahn Aesoon,  she is a choreographer who was aligning Korean dance movements and the beauty of traditional Korean dance with the modern dance.

Bul-ssang  literally meaning as 'pity' in Korean. "The choreographer Ahn Aesoon was inspired by Buddhist statues which are re-created as interior decoration, artworks, accessories loosing their religious meaning. This performance will not show the Buddhist statue as a religious symbol but represent Korean culture of modern society. The Buddhist statue will be modified, imitated, accommodated, and collided through the performance. Ahn Aesson will ask Korea's cultural identity through this process. This production is also a special project in terms of exploring various genres combining dance, pop arts, video screen, and live music."

This was the moment when DJ Soulscape Korea's Best Dj and pop artist Choi Jeong presented a free and exciting live Dj-ing. So cool and entertaining!

 Bul-ssang has consisted with four sequences, there are; Buddha pops, Jumpers, Iconize and Cultural complexity. Many adaptations with various asian traditional dances, and I think this was super unique movements but still got the funny and cheerful side of dance.

 I met the Hanbok girl after the show! she's a little bit looks like IU.. ^^ I just want to borrow this, cute hanbok!

Here we are after watched Bul-ssang performance, took a picture again with korean standing flower, hopefully Korean Culture center will more have another exciting events ahead. Thank you very much KCC for the invitation, I satisfied with all the crew and participant who are really cooperative and kind with us! See ya..

Anyway, if you guys have Instagram account, you can follow mine to @Xoxojammie , I'd love to following you back!

Spotted! we are on KCC official Facebook, thank you for this cute candid photo KCC, Luv ya!


Sponsoring My Cupcakes for Lioele's Beauty Class

I was sponsoring my online cupcakes shop for LIOELE's Beauty Class on last May 2013. It was my first time sponsoring an event :) Although it's Korean beauty class so I was thrilled about it, hehe..
In the beginning when I was started this business,  my cupcakes named was Royal Princess and now we're changed the name because of personal reason, and now named 'NINE AND DIVINE" Cakes. You can follow my online Cupcakes shop Instagram @NINEANDDIVINECAKES or Twitter @NINEANDDIVINEID.

The Beauty class was fun and they teaches us how to look a like Korean style and you know, I really like Korean style, I tried so many Lioele's products one by one and I quite love it. so I really enjoyed the class.
see ya next post!

The petite girl beside me is Evi, she's makeup artist from LIOELE and my besties too, you can check her lovely makeup work on her blog ---> www.veemakeupartist.com 

Today's post will be have 2 posts..
Hmm...couple months ago I was contacted by LIOELE to join their makeup Testimonial and my testimonial will popped on their banner and also displayed in every Lioele's store in Jakarta, I was so excited! Just take a look!